Structural Design and Analysis

This course teaches you how to understand, model, analyze, design, and document concrete structures. We’ll look at wind simulation, calculation reports, printout compositions, etc.

Software Used

Autodesk Revit

Prota Structures

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We’ll look at understanding the basics of structures and how various structural elements behave under stress and how load is transferred from the roof of the building to the foundations

Structural Modeling

In this section, we’ll look at how to model concrete structures and apply the appropriate materials to the structural elements.

Structural Loading

We’ll discuss load cases and the appropriate loads to apply to a building according to the BS6399 We’ll take a look at load combinations and factor of safety’s as well

Wind Simulation

We’ll learn how to generate wind loads automatically, according to local wind speeds and the position of the building on the land according to the true north


After the structure is modeled and loaded, an analysis will be performed. This analysis is to help determine the value of the force in our structure. We’ll learn how to interpret analysis results

Reinforcement Design

The appropriate reinforcement sizes and arrangements will be provided in our structural elements to withstand the loads within the structure

Structural Detailing

We’ll learn how to detail the provided reinforcements and prepare final drawings


Certificates will be provided after the program. *Autodesk verified certificates are provided at an additional cost

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