Interior Design

In this course, you will learn about Interior Design and how to communicate your design through interactive 3D renderings and virtual tours

Software Used

  • Coohom
  • Canva

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Topic to be covered

The Principles

The fundamentals are important. What is interior design, why is it important, and what benefits does it bring to a client?

Understanding Floor Plans

We’ll learn how to appreciate measurements and how to measure existing buildings accurately and sketch an appropriate floor plan Also, we’ll take a look at how to understand floor plans and identify the various symbols associated with it

Material Selection

In this section, we’ll discuss what materials are appropriate for different parts of a home. For example, what influences the decision to choose a terrazzo or a ceramic tile for a space

Colour Psychology

Colors have a subconscious effect on people and influence the decisions we make. There are certain colors that suit particular spaces based on the type of space and the occupants expected to live in that space


We’ll discuss spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, etc and what items are necessary to have in these spaces


Without lights, color cannot be visualized. We’ll talk about the 3 types of lights and how to properly layer them in a space. We’ll also discuss color moods and how and when to use them

3D Rendering

All the principles and ideas will be put together here to create a 3D rendering to communicate our ideas clearly to a client.We’ll learn to create mood boards and our proposed designs as well

Bills and Budgeting

You’ll learn how to prepare a budget for client, based on the proposed design. We’ll discuss how to do a market survey to find the best prices for home fixtures. How to calculate for number of floor tiles for example based on the square meters of the space. We’ll talk about what the appropriate overhead and profit margins are

Installation & Manufacturing

After the budget is finalized, we’ll generate construction drawings and find an affordable manufacturer to install our kitchen, living room and bathroom sets


Certificates will be provided after the training

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