Quantities and Estimation

In this course, you will learn how to quantify and estimate the cost of any construction project of any size and complexity. We will demystify estimation and eliminate the pen-and-paper approach to preparing bills.

Software Used

  • Planswift

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Topic to be covered

The Basics

You’ll learn the fundamentals of Building Estimation. Understanding simple and complex shapes


You’ll learn how to understand and appreciate geometry. We’ll explore the linear, area, count, and cubic measurements. With the knowledge of these tools, we’ll take-off for the simple complex geometry of the building parts

Bill of Quantities

We’ll create a Bill of Quantities for a sample project and per the SMM7. But the procedures discussed will apply other methods of measurement

Excel Integration

Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Excel. Take off from the software and have it recorded in excel and vice verse

Material Estimates

Extract estimates for materials like the number of cement, and block work. we’ll also look at roof, floor, and wall finishes, etc

Labour Estimates

How much would it cost in labour to construct a project you ask, that would be discussed in this section

Export and Share

Finally, you’ll learn how to export and print your estimates and share them with clients and team members


Certificates will be provided after the program

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