Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design (MEP)

In this course, you will learn how to create Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing drafts. You’ll learn basics of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing part of of a building

Software Used

  • Autodesk Revit
  • Autodesk Insight

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Topic to be covered

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design
Split AC modeling and centralized air handling units. How to determine the appropriate air conditioning size for spaces and zones based on the heating and cooling loads of the space.
We’ll look at ducts, variable air volumes, air handling units etc

Electrical Design

I’m this section, we’ll talk about the fundamentals of a circuits, voltage and currents. We’ll look at home appliances and their power requirements. We’ll then connect the electrical and lighting fixtures to a distribution board. We’ll check for possible overloads of the board. We’ll take a look at
Cable trays, conduits etc

Plumbing Design

In this section, we’ll take at plumbing fixtures and how to connect them with Revit’s powerful plumbing tool. We’ll look at pipes and the plumbing systems like Fire sprinkler system, Cold water supply systems, Hot water supply systems, Sanitary systems etc. we’ll look at flow rates and pressure drops as well


We’ll generate reports for mechanical systems, plumbing systems and electrical systems.
We’ll generate heating and cooling loads, distribution board schedules, quantities and schedules, duct pressure loss report, pipe pressure loss report etc

Check Systems

We’ll do final checks and check our model for possible errors in the MEP model. We’ll check duct systems, show disconnects, check pipe systems and electrical circuits

Energy Analysis

The energy model will help determine how much energy or power the building is going to need annually. That information will help coordinate with other team members to reduce the cost of electricity the building will require

Solar Analysis

How much solar energy we can harvest can be determined by a solar analysis. This will highlight areas in our building model where we will experience maximum sun throughout the day


We’ll provide fabrication parts for ductwork, piping and electrical. These will include, cable ladders, busbar, trunking, hangers, duct accessories, flex ducts, valves, etc


After our meeting is done, we’ll provide the necessary drawings and documentation for our project.


You can now share and export your design and drawings to Autocad and other formats, and print them out as well




Certificates will be provided after the program *Autodesk verified certificates are provided at an additional cost

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